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Public Works in Manor Borough


Maintaining the Borough

Manor Borough Public Works Department consists of 4 full-time employees, and 1 part-time employee. They provide a wide range of services including winter street maintenance, sewer lateral inspections, park maintenance, facilities maintenance, Borough janitorial services and many other long term and short term projects as needed in the Borough. Their work schedule varies by the season, and during the summer, the Borough hires seasonal help for park and grass maintenance.

Should you need to reach the Manor Street Department, call the Borough Administration Office at 724-864-2422, Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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Snow Removal Policy

Manor Council approved a Snow Removal Policy February 15, 2017. This Policy defines the operations and procedures of the Manor Borough Public Works Department (a/k/a Street Department) and explains the snow removal process. Residents are encouraged to read this Snow Removal Policy. Questions regarding this Policy may be directed to the Manor Borough Admin Office.

Summer Reminders

Please refrain from the following:

1. Do not drain your swimming pool into the street. If you must drain water, it should leech into your yard (grassy area).

2.  Do not dump grass clippings into the street. Grass clippings clog the storm drain which causes localized flooding.

3.  Do not place landscaping material into the street. This material clogs storm drains which causes localized flooding and pollutants to enter into Brush Creek.