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Stormwater Management (MS4)


Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) NOW "Stormwater Management"

The federal Clean Water Act prohibits the discharge of pollutants into waterways without the appropriate permits. Pennsylvania’s Stormwater Management Act (a/k/a Act 167), MS4 Program, Chapter 102 (Erosion and Sediment Control Requirements), and NPDES Permit Program for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activities are amongst the Commonwealth’s methods for meeting the runoff-related requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Implementation of stormwater management efforts in Pennsylvania occurs at the community level because individual municipalities, such as Manor Borough, are ultimately responsible for adopting zoning ordinances, subdivision and land development regulations, and other programs that keep their locality’s runoff under control. Manor's Municipal Stormwater Management Ordinance was updated in 2021. The current Manor Borough Stormwater Management application is here.

The 2015 Sewer Separation Project in the old section of Manor was a major step forward in the Borough's overall compliance. In the future, the Borough will be doing smaller sewer projects to ensure the infrastructure is in good shape and it is complying with the state mandates. New Construction in the Borough is already subject to MS4/Stormwater Management regulations and specifications.

The numerous resources below will explain what we can do to make our waterways and drinking water cleaner and safer. The items noted below with ** are available at the Borough Admin Office at no charge.

Illicit Dumping

Report Dumping Violations!

If you see or smell suspicious substances leaking into a storm drain, or into Brush Creek and its tributaries, report it! Click here for the Illicit Discharge Report Form. Either fill it out and forward to the Borough Admin Office IMMEDIATELY via in person or email, or call the office at 724-864-2422 Option #1. You will be asked to provide information to fill out the Illicit Discharge Report Form. Photographs encouraged.

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Rain Planters/Barrels/Gardens

Attractive and Functional Water Management

Rain Planter Design Plans **

If you are looking for more Rain Planter designs and ideas, search for "Rain Planters", "Rain Barrel", "Planter Box", or "Rain Garden" in Google and/or Pintrest. Check for instructional videos.

DIY Rain Barrels**

For less than $30 you can make your own rain barrel from a plastic trash can. Here is another DIY tutorial**.  Not handy? Check out Rain Barrels of PA. Local residents save shipping costs by picking up barrels at their location.

Rain Gardens**

Take a natural trough (or create one) and turn it into a flower garden with native plants and flowers. Another option is incorporating a grassy swale** into your landscaping. Want to plant ;trees**? And if you live along a creekbed, here are some ideas for creating a riparian buffer**.

Only Rain Down The Drain

No solids, No mulch, No trash, No pool draining, and No grass clippings!

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O T H E R   I D E A S ...

Control your roofwater with a Drywell**, and consider Permeable Paving** for your patio, driveway or walkways.

Stormwater Detention Basins

Some Manor Residents Have One In Their Backyard

Stormwater basins/detention ponds are the most common stormwater control structures found in Westmoreland County. Many basins are not functioning properly. Outdated design standards & lack of maintenance may indicate that these ponds are not protecting our waterways from common nonpoint sources of pollution found in stormwater, such as sediment and nutrients. The Westmoreland Conservation District has a 2-part video series discussing issues related to stormwater basin design, assessment, retrofitting, and maintenance. You can find it on the WCD website: (scroll to bottom of the page).

Other Videos

Stormwater Management


There are many videos on YouTube to explain the importance of stormwater management and the methods of compliance and remediation. Those who are interested in learning more can search YouTube. You will find many links on how storm- water management is being implemented across the USA and around the world.


Empty into local waterway Turtle Creek Watershed

What goes down the storm drain goes into Brush Creek and its tributaries untreated!

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