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Borough Sewage

Borough Sewage


Effective 1/1/2015, Manor Borough Sewage is billed quarterly (January, April, July, October) via MAWC (Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County). Your sewage bill is based on your water usage.

Sewage bills are mailed from MAWC as a sheet of paper, folded in half, with 3 tear sides and are due on the last day of the month in which they are mailed.

Late payments are subject to a 10% penalty and .05% monthly interest. If your property is posted for non payment of sewage, an additional $25 is charged to your balance as a posting fee. Payments must be mailed to MAWC. Sewage payments sent to the Borough Office will be returned to sender.

Payment options are on the MAWC web page under Customer Service | Water Service | Payment Options. Please note payments made with a credit card or debit card are subject to a convenience fee. Please mail your payment 7-10 days in advance of the due date to ensure crediting before the due date as the US Postal Service is experiencing delays. If you use online banking, please ensure your bank understands payment MUST be received no later than the due date or penalty fees will be incurred.

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NOTE: Manor Borough DOES NOT provide for a suspension of sewage charges for filling swimming pools or watering lawns and landscaping. Since this is clean, potable water that has been treated, you are responsible for the usage. Expect to pay $4.88 per 1,000 gallons extra on your sewage bill. In many cases, your water bill and sewage bill are cheaper than hiring a water service.

Sewage Contacts


To pay your sewage bill over the telephone or general questions regarding your bill contact MAWC Monday - Friday 8:15 am to 6:00 pm:




Any Customer Service Representative should be able to assist you. Wait times will vary depending upon the time of day and time of the month.

Sewage Contacts

Manor Borough Office


For Sewage billing name changes,  address changes, account balances, Sewage rates, and to set up new sewage service, call the Borough Office. Sewage Bills must be in the name of the property owner and mailed to the property owner.

724-864-2422 Option #1

Sewage Specifications

Technical Details

The Borough adheres to strict sewage lateral specifications as part of the International Building Code and MS4 compliance. If you or your plumber needs to know the specifications, here are the engineering sheets. The Sewage Ordinance outlining the Rules & Regulations, passed by Council in 2020 is 588-20-03.

If you still have questions, please call the Borough Office.

Sewer Camera

Checking integrity

Manor Public Works Department has a sewer camera for inspecting sewer laterals. If you are having a sewer issue and you or your plumber strongly suspect it may be the main line, please contact the Borough Office to have it inspected. This may save you the cost of hiring a plumber.


Lateral Inspection

a/k/a "Dye Test"

Effective 2013 ALL property sold, refinanced, obtaining a line of credit, or any transfer of deed, is subject to a CCTV Sewer Lateral Inspection ("dye test"). A camera is sent down the lateral to visually check the integrity of the line. The cost is $195 made payable to Manor Borough. ($225.00 if a sewage no/lien letter is required) and is valid for 3 years from the date the lateral passes inspection. The Ordinance 532-12-01, passed in 2012 & enforcement began in 2013. See Section 9 of the Ordinance.

Turnaround time is 1-2 days based on property owner's availability. Deficiencies are the seller's responsibility to fix. Lien letters and Tax Ceritifications are NOT released until the sewer lateral passes inspection.